IMBA SRL is the first distributor of chairs, tables and furniture, mainly in poor art, in Italy. We offer a 'wide range of products for all needs, rustic, rustic, modern, office, etc.. Committed to about 25 years in the sector, and now also online, we offer professionalism, competence and convenience for all our products.

All of our products are Made in Italy! Our operators are always at your service... please contact us on the online form, for any problem, with our experience we can find the right solution to You

The design of the furnishings in the more intimate space of the home requires a multi-use design and refined furnishings to match to finally create the perfect room. More stringent design and use of technological materials, materials for creating the most romantic elegant surroundings. The furniture is modern and classic place for private par excellence. Many solutions for decorating the bedroom and make what is a cozy place for rest and relaxation in which type of environment and furniture are the basic elements to create a comfortable room. For the quality of sleep and proper rest propononiamo excellent solutions, the maximum in terms of taste, practicality and distinction. to experience sleeping in a pleasant and functional.





èlite selèction première
Collection of contemporary furniture selected

A selection of soft lines and straight cartterizzano this complete collection of great adatabilità and versatility that is offered to interpret your reality to be lived every day. Each piece of furniture is created with the choice of high quality raw materials to give a touch of luxury to the everyday and refinement.



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